Take an active role in your family's healthcare today with the My Diary For Life app (now for Android & iOS). Your personal diary allows you to keep files for your kids, aging parents or any other loved ones.

Keep your most precious medical information in one convenient place.

Knowing your personal and family medical history will help you and your doctor make better healthcare decisions. When you provide family history information to your doctor you will learn about ways to prevent these conditions for yourself as well as your children. Keep track of personal/family medical history, weight/height, cholesterol, blood pressure, vaccinations, allergies, medicines allergic to and much more. Help your doctors help you better by keeping track of this vital information.

Use IT for life

The patient and doctor will have a piece of mind in knowing that the electronic file sharing information is correct and up to date.

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This easy to use app allows you to know the answers to the three most important questions asked by your physicians and pharmacists.

1. What is your family medical history?

2. What medications are you taking?

3. What medications are you allergic to?

Your personal medical diary makes it easy to log and retrieve health/medical information needed for any office/medical form.

In addition to life-saving medical information, the My Diary For Life app also records other important life information such as:

* Do I have a Last Will and Testament and/or Living Will?

* What insurance do I have?

* Any bank accounts, stocks, bonds, etc.

Help your doctors help you better

Medical errors are one of the nations leading causes of death and injury. A report by the Institute of Medicine estimates that more Americans die from medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer or AIDS. According to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, the single most important way you can prevent medical errors is to be an active member of your healthcare team.

Take charge of your medical information with your personal health diary, the My Diary For Life app.

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