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Please read the testimonials of people who used the previous My Diary For Life medical record keeping diary, now available in an even more convenient Android app.

“A fantastic tool for accessing pertinent health information for the health provider and patient.  This diary allows the patient to know the answers to the important questions always asked, such as family history, previous medical history, any medication you are taking, and any medicines you are allergic to.  A useful tool in the medical field for the patient as well as the health providers. A must have.”

Dr. D L. Moore
Internal Medicine
LA, California

“This well thought out diary, helps my family of four take charge of our medical history allowing us to have important medical information at our fingertips.  This pocket sized diary would have been great to have had to keep track of my doctors and medical results from the different states and countries that I was stationed in during my 20 year military career. What a small price to pay for this very useful tool.”

David C
U. S. Navy (retired)
Oahu, HI

“I have really enjoyed using My Diary For Life book.  When I’m at my doctor’s visit and need to know something about my previous visits or any medical or family history information, I just pull out my diary and turn to the page where the information is recorded.  You don’t only have to use this at a doctor’s visit, but in your everyday life by tracking important things such as weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.  This has been a wonderful blessing to me; everything that I need to know about my health is in the book.  The book is well organized and complete.  I am very health conscious and strongly believe in this concept so much that I gave a diary to both my parents as a gift of love.  Because living healthy is important to me, I think that everyone should purchase My Diary For Life.”

Dana H (single 29)
Managed Care Coordinator
Lancaster, SC

“Conviently stores health information and appointments in a nice pocket sized binder. The medical cards make taking several different medicines a whole lot simpler.”

Deborah E.
Federal Credit Union – Member Services Officer
Knoxville, TN

“This diary was purchased by my granddaughter to log my important medical information and to assist my husband and me with taking my medicines correctly.  Before we were given My Diary For Life, our granddaughter kept this information on her computer.  Now that I have my diary, it is so easy to keep the information ourselves.  I like the size and the fact that it can fit in my purse.  It is easy to read and log information. We no longer have to try to remember my health information and when and which medicines to take.”

Knoxville, TN

“Comeback in 3 months for your next check up.  I’ve heard this so many times before and after my back surgery for scoliosis.  I can’t remember all the appointments I had or when I was first diagnosed, for I’m only 13 years old.  Just think how much I’d have to remember when I get older.  It’s for these and other reasons that my dad created “My Diary For Life”.  This is a product that was made to record doctor’s visits, hospital stays, family history, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, allergies and other medical information that you want to remember.  “My Diary For Life” has really helped us because our family has a long list of medical conditions – cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer and more.  When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, she went to the doctor at least twice a month and was on a lot of medication.  She still has to go to the doctor regularly, now that she is a Survivor to make sure the cancer has not reoccurred.  Now that we have “My Diary For Life” we write all the important medical information down, and don’t have to rely on our memory.  This book has helped us out so much in the little time we’ve had it, just think how much it will help us over our lifetime and yours. ”

Sheri J. C.
(daughter of the inventor)

Knoxville, TN


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